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New Earth Human Existence

Online Experiential Immersion

September 19 – 25, 2020

Achieving and Sharing Soulful vibes together elevates us to create fulfillment and a greater understanding of different approaches and perspectives, to assist us deeper in transformative times…

“New Earth Human Existence” is a transformational 7-day Retreat experience that helps to focus and obtain deeper wisdom into your being, and to create an elaborate energy with fellow Souls and ourselves.

During these interesting periods of our lives now, the time has come to focus on what is beyond the current distractions that are taking place. What is on the other side of this distortion? We will share many different and expanded perspectives, as in our shared words, the energy from Soulful experiences will take us all on a deep, calm flow and heightened resonance of our Souls.

In this togetherness we create a sweet vibration of understanding, learning and proposing many Soulful topics. From these fresh and new insights, you will learn to break free from these distracted thoughts and behavior patterns which aren’t serving your highest purpose. Furthermore, you will experience these frequencies within and develop new ways of creating inner peace, success for yourself and others surrounding you in your daily life.

Fundamentally, this 7 Day Retreat is designed to assist participants to maintain their focus and awareness in the most natural, authentic and effortless way.

During this 7 day retreat, you will:

  • Develop heightened self‐awareness leading to improved communication and better connections with others.
  • Identify limiting belief systems, habits and unnecessary thought patterns in order to transform
  •  Knowing what’s causing blockages allows you to address it and opens up possibilities not  previously considered. Making the space of being unaware to become fully aware in taking responsibilities, stepping up and make the conscious change. “Possibility thinking” increases productivity, encourages positive, solutions‐based attitudes, and increases resiliency.
  • Develop mental clarity and a sense of inner calmness amidst life’s chaos and distractions.
  • Experience a deeper understanding of awareness, self-understanding and meditative techniques.
  • These techniques improve brain-cognition, alignment with your Soul, to be more aware of conscious choices and taking accountability of self-growth with ease and joy.
  • Gain a sense of a healthy and strong confidence, consciousness and elevated understanding of Soulful topics.
  • Obtain wisdom of the knowing with new information that is shared in this retreat, to use in your daily life to manifest and to create and maintain a conscious, excuse-less, victim-less and drama-free life.
  • Learn to step up with Authenticity, a free will of expression and being the Divine captain of your Soul; your brain, heart and body to be in alignment with your beloved purpose.
  • Understand the shift in Focus of different energies, in order to enhance decisions making, memory, creativity and transforming levels of tiredness into relaxation through a healthy self-esteem, self-love and self-maintenance.

Zlatko Kanda and Victoria Karipidis come together to share their wisdom, knowledge and experiences from the Soul in order to passionately support the integration of heightened vibrations, on many levels. In this space there is no teacher and no student; it merges into one and becomes a perspective of Unity and Compassionate sharing.


         Zlatko Kanda                                                                                         Victoria Karipidis

Soul Guide                                                                                     Ascension New Earth Guide

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