Soulful Retreats + Workshops

Experiencing and celebrating Divinity Incarnated!

Soulful Re-Ttreats with Anagenis & Victoria & Dion

What are they? What to expect from them?

Expect a memorable time embracing all aspects of your being (body, mind, soul) and in all your realities and dimensions.  Prevalent feelings often experienced are joy, trust, love, playfulness, truthfulness, warmth, passion. No matter the stage of your own unique evolutionary path, this re-treat will unlock those parts of your system that hold the key for your further development.

The magic of it all is that while the group bonds, attends seminars, plays, dances and laughs it does perform some profound inner work in the background. This is because Victoria and Dion bring forth the most authentic of natures that touch the heart, they provide all the trust you need to open up and at the same time all the passion to act and create. You do not fear to delve into your deeper realms because you feel the support of this space that is constantly cultivated through the co-creation and connection with  heavenly guide team of Anagenis.

Every person feels welcome and home with Anagenis by their side. During the trip, some alone reflection time and rest is always encouraged and specifically allocated in the program.

Not only you will feel the present moment with every cell of your being but most importantly all the healing and vibrational upgrade initiated during the retreat will continue with you after the completion of it all.

Now, while there is a guarantee here that every retreat is an unprecedented trip dictated by the intuitive powers of Victoria and her guidance, Dion’s playful presence you should expect the unexpected in a positive way.

Next Anagenis Retreat is on 30 of June – 7 of July!

Everyone is welcomed – click here for details!

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