Private Sessions

Support and embrace your inner changes.
Personal Guiding and Empowering Sessions
Private Session “Guidance from Soul Wisdom”

If you are in a state that you desire to discover and know yourself  in a better, authentic way and you feel that you need a guidance to unlock your own inner path, the power within yourself, to receive answers about how to move forward on your spiritual evolution transcending the challenges and adversities then this session will essentially help you to unblock what prevents you from feeling, understanding and seeing clear.

During the session you will receive messages, guidance and information that support, empower your journey on Awakening to your True Path that activate the Dynamics of your Soul’s desires and potentials that are to be manifested in the physical realm.

At the time of our appointment as we, so our Higher Selves and our spiritual guides are preparing for this timeless, unique union, where the gate of communication opens and the broadcasting begins. Through images that are received, the feeling and sensing there is a decoding and energy-translation that is taking place and is transmitted especially for you, for your personal growth, empowerment and development.

The information and the energy that is transmitted makes it easier for you to understand where you are now in relation with your path, what are the new perspectives, possibilities that are there in your sphere of consciousness and of course, how you can derive the necessary energy and strength for the radical changes that are appropriate to occur in your life.

These sessions are indeed a very personal thing and are treated accordingly. They take place and are prepared in a safe, open and full of love environment, as they are guided by the Spirit, and unfold naturally during the flow of the conversation. If you feel some intimacy and inspiration with this certain method/technique of empowerment and guidance, maybe the time for you to receive some answers and access some truth about your Soul and your path has come.

Duration of Skype session : 1 hour
Cost : 60 €

Duration of Live session : 1 hour
Cost : 70 €
Mentoring Program with Victoria Karipidis
“Activating the Highest Dynamics of the Soul  – ReConnect”

5 personal skype sessions

Our first session follows a similar approach with that of the “Guidance from Soul Wisdom” session (see above). In the following ones though, we uncover (pointing) the patterns and propensities that hinder your perception and your understanding about the path of your Soul’s Highest Dynamics.

You receive guidance and tools that assist and apply to your Energy Field’s Network in the present situation, so that you can unleash stagnant, stuck energies lingering in the mental, physical and consciousness levels and enter the process of restructuring and rebirthing of a new perception, a new level of consciousness that is waiting to be anchored in the new reality.

Usually the average time in between every session is approximately 7-10days. During this interval your personal work is required, as you will apply the spiritual tools -– given/transmitted during the sessions.

The Activating Modules of the Program:

  1. Acceptance
  2. My New Vision of Self
  3. Releasing and Letting go the old
  4. Activating the Power of Focus
  5. Activating the Trust and Inner Knowing of continuous Universal Support and Guidance
Duration of Skype session : 1 hour
Cost for 5 sessions : 300 €