Conscious Transformation and Rebirth |Webinars

Transcend the illusion and conceive your inner power.

Real and deep transformation can only occur when we choose to step in consciously taking the responsibility for our life!

During the process of Conscious Transformation and Rebirth the HUman Being discharges the luggage that used to carry knowing that it is time he accepted that fact …that he was indeed carrying this weight and that it is time that he Hugged it, Released it and allowed the live, natural flow of the Source inside him to enter/awaken by bringing synchronicities and miracles in his daily life.
Synchronicities and miracles become inevitable as this is the natural state of an Awaken – free HUman Being whose awareness, observation and intention, influence the evolution and outcome of an event or experience he has chosen to follow.
The Awaken Mind is a Quantum Mind that travels multidimensionally and is constantly in tune with the Universal Library and the Science of Spirit.

Conscious Transformation and Rebirth Program

Intensive Course of  Synchronization with Your Higher Potentials.

New Experience – Transition to the Alchemy of Presence.

By the completion of the entire online course, if you choose so your ReNewed – ReBirthed Unified Self will have attained the Mastery of Anchoring the Higher Potential Reality here in the physical plane; while honoring and allowing your HUman self to live the Earthly life by transforming, releasing and enjoying the journey walking between the two worlds in harmony.

Together we will work and incorporate:

– way out of the false reality of mind – transit from the box of limited potentials of the mind to the field of  endless possibilities of the Heart Wisdom
– union and assimilation of the New Light Body Levels
– anchoring of the New Energy into your physical reality
– the consciousness of the 5th dimension
– the synchronicity as part of our daily life
– the ability to consciously create and manifest
– the quantum tool, the Art of IMAGINING

The Modules within the 7 months course for 2019

 Dates will be soon announced

 1st Module – Our powerful Electromagnetic Field/ Infinite Possibilities
 2nd Module –  Self – Acceptance = Self Unification
 3rd Module – The end of separation / Human Being – Higher Self – Celestial Team
 4th Module – Ascension of the Physical Body / Mechanism of cellular renewal
 5thModule – The pitfalls of playing the roles – Subpersonalities / Quantumity and Transcendence
 6th Module – Ascension of all Fields of Consciousness / The meaning of Inner Dimensions
 7th Module – Fusion with the Light Body – I am that I am

Mode of participation

– 2 days – 2 hours  monthly webinars according to the schedule
– personal work on given practices, activations, meditations
– keeping the journal, taking notes 2-3 times per week


Monthly cost of participation :




– your participation in the live webinars
– pdf presentations from each Module
– audio/video recording of  webinars of every month in mp4 format


To receive further information and to submit your participation fill in the application form or send your question to


We welcome you to this unique experience of Freedom, Remembering and Rebirth!
Heart to Heart,
Victoria & Anagenis