Anagenis Soma Spirit Infusion

Awakened Consciousness in-motion.

Experiential class Series for gradual detox, biological restoration and integration of the illuminated body.

This class Series accrued from a deep understanding of human’s sacred Biology and the realization of its true role and existence in what we call Human Experience. The body`s purpose is to be in a healthy, harmonic and anachronistic co-existence with the human consciousness.
The role of Body + Brain is to contribute and reinforce the awakening procedure and the continuous progress of the Spiritual development/Remembrance/ Emersion of Universal consciousness within us. Notably, the human body is certainly designed not only to serve us exclusively in this life-journey as a simple biological case but it has also been designed specifically and particularly for this procedure/experience of awakening – remembrance – enlightenment!
The information and the energy that is transmitted makes it easier for you to understand where you are now in relation with your path, what are the new perspectives, possibilities that are there in your sphere of consciousness and of course, how you can derive the necessary energy and strength for the radical changes that are appropriate to occur in your life.
Every organ, the endocrine glands and every bodily system, are designed so as to easily activate the process of your spiritual awakening and to experience via this vessel of alchemy (body) the Union with Oneness.
Anagenis Soma Spirit Infusion – Online class Series will help you to detox your body, raise your vibration and to tune in and re-calibrate your sacred body so as to become your perfect ally in your path to ultimate Happiness, Well-being.

What does the class Series Anagenis Soma Spirit Infusion include?

Pranayama (breathing techniques, energy control); Kriya = a series of postures, movements, breathing techniques and sounds that work on a specific result, theme, idea. As you will see lower in the text, every class is dedicated to specific topics that we address every month; Asanas, gentle Sun and Moon Salutations (in – out); deep relaxation; group meditation/activations. Essentially, every module comprises an internal journey and session of remembrance and liberation.

During the modules we will emphasize and remember such processes and mechanisms as:

– conscious connection with the breath and the innate mechanism of the body (soma)
– activation – renewal of cells
– facilitation of the integration and transition to higher vibrational frequencies
– cultivation of the internal space necessary for the natural emergence of stillness and inner clarity
– strengthening and alignment of muscles and inner balance


Important note: In case of chronic/old or recent injuries or in case of pain sensations anywhere in the body we would please recommend before engaging into the practices to consult your personal doctor or to directly contact us.

What are the benefits you are going to gain from the class Series Anagenis SSI, provided you do the practice?

In a physical level :
– strengthening and flexibility of the entire musculoskeletal system
– detox and regulation of the blood and lymph circulation
– strengthening of the nervous system
– balancing of the endocrine system
– youthful and glowing looks
In an energetic level:
– release of blocked energy
– retrieve of the pranic-vital energy in a purified and well-distributed way
– increase of the vibrational field
In a mental level:
– overcome repetitive patterns and barriers that occur in your subconscious and that are responsible
for your resistance to change, for the mental encapsulations and bodily imbalances
– tranquil, focused and flexible mind – transition to the heart
In a spiritual level:
– recognition of the inner divine light and experiential encounter with wisdom
– gradual fusion with your Light Body
– increased levels of clarity and intuition
In general, you lay the foundations for a gradual rebirth of your body and the cultivation of a favorable and appropriate space in it so as to be able to co-exist, assimilate and harmonize with the sacredness of your Spiritual Self.


5 Classes – 5 Months – 5 Modules(sessions) per month
January 2019 – May 2019
All the dates of the online classes will soon be released soon:

Mode of attendance: Webinars

Preparation before the sessions:
– Wear light and comfortable clothing and refrain from any consumption of food at least 3 hours before the session
– Choose a quiet space where you will be able to practice uninterruptedly
– Make sure you have a yoga mat and a pillow/blanket so that you can sit with a straight spine.

Monthly Subscription Cost  : 50euros/5 classes per month

To receive further information and to submit your participation, please fill in the contact form or send your question to