I’m so thrilled to connect.


I’m so thrilled to connect.


that you are by holding the space that guide, support & inspire you to walk your path of Conscious I Am Presence.

2005 was the year of my Awakening.
After several challenging and overwhelming experiences I finally surrendered and really asked for assistance and guidance and…. after a while I managed to hear the message I was waiting for. Beginning from scratch, step by step I started to draw a New map of my New Life but this time I wasn’t alone anymore, there was a new connection, union, relationship that started to unfold within me.

It was not always easy…..
For sure it was not always easy, but what kept the path unfolding was the flame of will continuously lit and the desire to become truly happy, balanced and free. Until this day the catalyst of my expansion and development is this willingness to live in joy, prosperity and love. When these elements are what we focus on …we receive Gifts and Blessings in our lives. Then the connection between you and You/Spirit becomes stronger and experiences exceed any expectation or imagination we may hold.

Victoria and Anagenis
2012 was the year of huge revelations and manifestations in her life. One among them was the birth and creation of “Anagenis Online Sacred School of Transformation and Rebirth”.

Being a graduate of various Self-Realizational and Ascension programs around the world, Crimson Circle – U.S.A., Academy of MacroConsciousness – Russia, Kryon Merlight Academy – Greece Victoria is now an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher bringing a new approach and light to Self-Rememebering and Awakening the Awareness. She conducts online group seminars, private mentoring programs and soulful retreats around Greece and abroad. All these intend to assist the participants to activate the ‘remembering’ of their higher potentials, inner strength, raising awareness of the Conscious Creator and Alchemist that everyone holds within.

The structure of the seminars, training courses, prepared and broadcasted by Victoria, are based on 3 fundamental components: Expansion of Consciousness of Abundance, Conscious approach to the Physical Body’s Evolution and Embodied Divinity – materialized potentials/ higher manifestations.

Victoria inspires people to approach the soul, mind and body with the same love and truth, for they all contribute to the happiness of the person who wants to live in joy thriving. She is sharing and teaching techniques that really assist and encourage people to go within and activate this New Free Self – Awake Consciousness, Light incarnated in physical dimension.

A Message from Victoria:

The greatest GIFTS and Blessings are received from our own Self, my dear beloved co-travellers –this is how I feel about you as I write this message- to be more precise our true Essence brings them to us when we let it shine through us. This Essence, as it rises and blooms in human consciousness, it becomes the navigator that so effortlessly and gracefully travels manifesting unique and wondrous experiences. I am so thrilled to be co-exploring and witnessing your re-birthing journey.

Heart to heart,
Victoria & Anagenis

Lets embrace this journey together.

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