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8:8 Free Webinar Invitation ~Anchoring the New Light~

8:8 Free Webinar ~Anchoring the Light~ at 16:00 p.m. Athens time.

Let’s gather and tune in together to these Higher Levels of Light and Love frequencies.

We choose to open up even greater, remember deeper and amplify our Mastery and Divine Presence in HUman form.

This is a time for CoCreation in Higher Synchronicity, Clarity and Anchoring the Highest Potential through New Timelines that are available for those who choose so.

In the Filed of Open Hearts everything is Possible!

And So it Is.

To register for the free webinar click here: https://bit.ly/2Kq0QTX

Many blessings,
Victoria Anagenis

New Levels of Light that opens our Sacred Hearts are here. Lets embrace , embody and create the Divine Prosperity, Joy …The New Earth!

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Lets embrace this journey together.

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