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Positive Feeling Momentum

Today we are talking about expanding our consciousness and the meaning of quantum presence and conscious transformation and rebirth, so that we can materialize the highest potential that exists in each and every one of us.

There are times in our life when we need to accept our negative aspects in order to give them space to dissolve. But then it is time to release them and act. By cultivating the thought of sustaining a positive attitude and mind state.

By bringing fourth emotions of happiness, joy and excitement, certain hormones are being released in our body flooding our biochemistry with high vibration energy. This positive high vibration state has a radical effect on our body, from a physical, mental and emotional aspect.

When being in a positive felling disposition, our spiritual self, aligns with our physical presence and synchronizes with our higher, future ascended self. We are connected to our inner wisdom, in line with our higher potential, spinning in that divine dance of awakened consciousness.

In the following video we are discovering the importance of positive feeling to manifest the higher reality we desire in our life, and we learn how to grasp it and activate even more, through the Yeah Mantra.

All that we are is magnificent, vibrant divine. Celebrate every little moment of your life. Everything we desire is already here.

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