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2019 ReEmerge and Fly!

2018 was a tremendous year of inner transformations and a lot of letting go.

At times it was difficult to find the courage and follow the intuition and guidance, but all these wounds gave us the opportunity to look within and say no more to compromising with fear. To let go of the energy of low vibration that is really slowing down our momentum of wellbeing of the prosperity of the abundance

It is therefore, now easier to understand that anything less than positive that is happening in our lives, our relationships, our working environment, any kind of negativity, is actually there to serve us. Because it comes knocking at our door indicating that we are ready to deal with what brings us down.

So we are grateful for 2018, for a year of ego and old pattern dissolvement, a period similar to that transition stage of a butterfly in its cocoon. Because it gave us the opportunity to face or inner shadows and decide to let them go, making us are ready to harvest what we produced.

At the doorstep of this new year, the metamorphosis is complete, the butterfly has Emerged and it is ready to spread its wings and fly in a year of changes. For we are no longer the same. We now have the clarity to know that everything is here to support us and any negative experiences are there to serve a purpose.

In the following video we are welcoming 2019 ready to dive in it’s magic journey with conscious open hearts.

Happy prosperous, New Year to all of you my beautiful co- travelers in remembrance!

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